A new dimension to the time-honoured game of chess

THESE PREMIUM THEME CHESS SETS from Berkeley Chess, England encapsulate the best of British craft manufacturing. Made from crushed stone resin, these chess pieces undergo a special process. Stained in Russet (a contemporary brown) or Cardinal (a contemporary red), they are then further stained to add an aged antique effect. The Metallic Chess Sets are cast in metal and stone crushed resin and finished with a unique copper and silver metallic finish. They are approximately double the weight of the crushed stone sets.

All Chess Pieces are well weighted and finished with a protective felt base. Each Chess Set comes individually housed in a Presentation Box. The variety of Themes include: Medieval, Victorian, Egyptian, Mandarin, Camelot, Roman, English, Scottish, Elizabethan, Shakespeare and a historical take on the classic Staunton Chess Set.

Themed Chess Sets

Isle of Lewis Chess Sets

Themed Chess Pieces

Comprehensive Decorative Chess Sets

Utilising traditional production techniques each themed chess set beautifully replicates the original sculptures, painstakingly created by talented artists. The exquisite detail of the design is brought to life by careful development of a silicon mould and a unique staining and polishing technique which emphasises the fine detail of the original figures. Each piece is then finished off with the application of a protective felt base and presented in beautiful yet practical packaging.

The collection includes the iconic Isle of Lewis design together with a comprehensive range of historical subjects such as Egyptian, Roman, Medieval, Mandarin, Camelot, Victorian, Elizabethan and Scottish and English heritage.

Chess is played by thousands of people in our country and the mission of New Zealand Chess Supplies is to provide the perfect gift solution to existing and aspiring players together with their friends and family.

Isle of Lewis Chess

AN ISLE OF LEWIS CHESS SET is ideal for those interested in both the Historical Beginnings of Modern Day Chess as well as acquiring a most distinctive and majestic Chess Set that will undoubtedly achieve Heirloom status.

These Ancient Norse Chess Pieces, dating back approx 1150 AD, were discovered in 1831 on the Scottish Outer Hebrides Isle of Lewis. Aptly named Isle of Lewis Chessmen, they are one of the few surviving examples of Medieval Chess Sets in the world. Of the 78 Chessmen found, 82 belong to the British Museum and the remaining 11 belong to the National Museums Scotland.

Lewis Chessmen 85mm King

Lewis Chessmen 65mm King

Themed Chess Pieces